# 4 - The Motherhood Identity Crisis

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So many things change for women as we enter our journeys to motherhood.  We BARELY talk about the changes of the physical body and our mental health.  But do we EVER really talk about what it takes to remain connected to ourselves while we meet the demands of our loved ones during the motherhood shift?!

Join me in this episode as we have a real honest conversation about the identity shift that happens when tiny humans start calling us, "mom." We'll discover what the motherhood identity shift often looks like on a spiritual and emotional level; and I'll guide you through three steps that you can take immediately to reclaim your identity in your motherhood journey. 

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The Healthy Postpartum Mama Podcast is a space for us to chat about what it takes to recover your health holistically!

If you're a new mom who's planning for postpartum or a seasoned my a few years into your journey, join me every week. Let's learn and heal together 🖤


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