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6 Tips to Beat Postpartum Exhaustion!

for moms 0-3 years postpartum


From the moment we become moms, all of our priorities seem to  shift. Would you agree? When I first became a mother,  I remember feeling that the things that some of the things that  mattered in my life before seemed a little less significant now that I was responsible for a tiny, actually human!  My baby easily took center stage as I navigated feedings and diaper changes. As I stared awkwardly to make sure that he was still breathing (please tell me I'm not alone in this 😅). 

Maybe you can relate...

 While you wouldn’t have it any other way, this transition is TOUGH. You quickly find yourself losing sleep, struggling to eat nourishing foods, and even arguing with your partner. If this phase of life were to be described in one word, it might be “exhaustion”. 


Postpartum exhaustion is a REAL struggle that is shared by mothers all over the world. Whether you are a single mom, a first-time mom, a seasoned mom, or otherwise, know that you are part of a worldwide community of women who have endured and embraced the same struggles that you currently are.


If you take one thing away from this article, let it be this: YOU are NOT alone. Physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion takes on a new meaning when the expectation is that you continue to care for another human being... despite how you are feeling inside.


This phase of life is wonderful, but it is not easy. Through healthy support and education, you can work through the struggle for now, and eventually find yourself in a place where you are not only surviving but thriving. 


In this article, we will briefly explain some common causes of postpartum exhaustion. We will then share with you 6 of our favorite tips for surviving postpartum.


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Now, let’s get into it!


What is Causing Postpartum Exhaustion?


There is not a specific threshold as to when a mom can consider herself completely exhausted during postpartum. With that being said, the feelings of postpartum exhaustion are vastly different from woman to woman, and are caused by many different factors, including:


  • Lack of support
  • Lack of physical nourishment
  • Lack of community
  • Mom guilt
  • Lack of sleep
  • Healing and recovery from labor and delivery
  • Breastfeeding 
  • Lack of self-care
  • Depression, anxiety, or other postpartum disorders.*


 *If you feel like you may be struggling from a postpartum mental health disorder, connect with your healthcare professional.


Tips to Survive Postpartum Exhaustion


As much as we wish that we could tell you that we have the secret to ending postpartum exhaustion once and for all-we don’t. Exhaustion is part of the journey, but that doesn’t mean that there are not wonderful, realistic tools that can support you at this time.


Let’s talk about some of our favorite tips that will allow you to thrive and find joy in the extraordinary phase of life.


  1. Adjust your expectations.


 It can be really hard to let go of the image of the mother you expected yourself to be. A clean house, home-cooked meals, perfectly well-behaved baby, and back to your pre-baby body by your 6-week appointment… how hard can it be? 


 Postpartum is a whirlwind that most women can’t even fathom until they are in it. If this sounds like you, we are officially permitting you to let go of the impossible expectations you have set for yourself and to move forward.


  1. Allow others to help you.


 While this is easy for some women, many find it extremely difficult to accept, let alone ask for, help. Historically, women have been expected to bear the burden of domestic duties alone. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore.


 If you have people in your life who are willing to help you, be empowered in your decision to take care of yourself. This will help you to be the best parent that you can be.


  1. Reach out to other women going through the same thing as you.


 Reaching out can be intimidating, but human beings thrive on connection and conversation. In the age of social media, you have the opportunity to share stories and advice with women from around the world.


 TIP: The Postpartum Wellness Revolution Membership provides opportunities for moms in the same stage of life to connect. 


  1. Prioritize and realize that not everything is going to get done, all the time.


There will be days when absolutely nothing on your to-do list gets checked off. As the mother of a newborn, time can be quickly swallowed up by the same redundancy that consumes many of your days. Regardless of this, you are still an incredible mother who is doing an exceptional job of tending to your baby.


  1. Get on a schedule.


 Get on a schedule? Build a routine? These things sound like burdens that take a lot of work! However, they truly are an investment in your life. Once you become a parent, it is easy for your days and nights to blend together to the point that time begins slipping away. By creating a routine that includes all of the things you want to do each day (spending time outside, socializing with friends, household tasks, etc.), you will slowly begin to feel like you are getting your life back.


  1. Nourish your body.


Nourishing your body properly gives you the fuel that you need to feel your best throughout the day. For details about how to take care of your body during postpartum, check out this article here: Nourishing Your Postpartum Body


For more in-depth information, our Postpartum Wellness Revolution Membership has got you covered! 


The Postpartum Wellness Revolution Membership is a unique tool that guides and empowers women as they step into their new roles as mothers. This membership includes information about:


  • Nourishing your body
  • Utilizing help
  • Resting and resetting
  • Tending to your soul
  • Unleashing emotion
  • Restoring your mind
  • Embracing your journey


At the end of the day, postpartum is a life-changing experience. It is a beautiful and sacred time, that can simultaneously be draining and confusing. Postpartum exhaustion is real. 


Thankfully, with the support of your loved ones, and an effort to pursue the 6 steps listed above, you will be well on your way to feeling rejuvenated and capable to live your best life!


Happy Healing!

-Kilah, xoxo

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