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Help! My House is a Wreck! Home Chore Tips for Busy Moms

for moms 0-3 years postpartum


As a mother of five, I know how difficult it can be to clean the house, especially with a newborn at home. If you feel overwhelmed caring for your baby and taking care of chores at the same time, I’m here to tell you that – with a little bit of new mom ingenuity – it can be done. Drawing from years of experience, here are my home chore tips for you!

1. Declutter Your Home Before Giving Birth

Getting rid of unused items to free up your home is an excellent way to prepare for the arrival of your baby. Simply go through each room of your home, look through all items and collect those that you plan to clear out. Set up a yard sale, invite family, friends, and neighbors, and use the money you earn for baby necessities.

2. Have a Designated Spot for All Items

One of the best ways to keep your house organized and clean is to have a proper place for each item in your home. Whether receipts, magazines, mail, diapers, toys, wipes, bottles, children’s artwork, or small trinkets, by having a designated spot for each of these items, you prevent clutter from forming in each room.

3. Use a Baby Monitor

Since your baby will need lots of sleep, you can use that time to do a few chores. However, remember not to overdo it since it’s essential that you get ample rest during the 4th trimester. When you do decide to tackle a bit of housework, use a quality baby monitor that allows you to keep an eye on your napping newborn at all times.

4. Keep a Cleaning Caddy on Each Floor

Save time by having a cleaning caddy handy at all times. You don’t need to place one in each room but keep a fully-stocked basket with natural disinfecting wipes, dusting cloths, sponges, and non- toxic cleaning sprays on each floor for quick and easy access.

5. Schedule Bulk Tasks

A schedule can help you stay on top of home chores and ensure you get things done. Figure out what routine is best for you, such as cleaning the bathroom on Mondays, doing all your laundry on Tuesdays, or cleaning the kitchen on Wednesdays. Use a calendar to jot down your cleaning goals and tasks and make sure to schedule some time for rest as well.

If you feel that you can do more than focus on one room per day, simply multi-task. For example, load the dishwasher or fold the laundry while making phone calls or talking to your baby. With a bit of trial and error, you’ll know whether multi-tasking is a realistic option for you.

6. Get Your Family Involved

Cleaning the house and doing chores shouldn’t be a mom-only job. Get your husband and older kids involved by delegating cleaning tasks to each. The more people help, the quicker your house will be organized and clean. On top of that, your children will learn useful skills that will come in handy later in life.

A clean house with kids is possible and within reach. Here’s how you can get your family on board:

  • ●  Make cleaning a game – For the kids to help out without throwing tantrums, take a page from Mary Poppins’ approach to raising kids: simply make cleaning a game! Set goals, turn on music to make it fun, have a contest, and offer rewards for a job well done.

  • ●  Set a timer – Nobody likes spending an entire day cleaning. Instead of asking your family for open-ended help, set a timer and encourage everyone to complete their chores within this timespan. This will motivate everyone to stay focused, try to get as much done as possible, and beat the clock.

    ● Set up a catch-all basketWhether by the stairs or at the end of a hallway, a “catch-all basket” can be a useful tool to keep clutter at a minimum. Ask each family member to use this basket to pick up out-of-place items. Then, take turns to empty the basket and return items back to their proper place at the end of each day.

7. Use Baby Tools

These must-have tools keep your baby safe and entertained while giving you an opportunity to clean your house and do your chores at the same time.

  • ● Bouncy seat – Best for newborns, a bouncy seat keeps your baby safe while you clean the house.

  • ● Activity center – For babies that are a few months old, use an easily portable activity center or bouncer that allows for some independent playtime.

● Baby carrier – To have your newborn close by while you get some work done at home, carry him or her in a baby carrier.

8. Freeze Meals

While freshly cooked meals are always best, it may not be realistic for you to cook every day. Prepare meals in bulk one day of the week and stock your freezer with them. That way, you’ll always have home-cooked food on-hand without having to spend loads of time in the kitchen.

Key Takeaways

Once you give birth, your entire world changes. You’re no longer just in charge of yourself, your husband, and your home, but have the added responsibility of caring for a child. Often at the expense of house chores, having a baby means you need to plan your days ahead. But by following the tips and tricks I laid out, and not shying away from asking your family for help, you’ll have a better chance of keeping your home clean and your mind at rest.

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