Feel Supported +  Cared For

in your 

first few years  postpartum

 Feel Supported + Cared For

 in your first few years 


Haven't mapped out your plan for postpartum? Download the Ultimate Postpartum Planning Guide to start planning your healing journeyπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Our innovative postpartum care agency helps moms feel supported, nurtured, and empowered in their first few years postpartum. 


β˜† In-person services in Greater St. Louis, MO

β˜† Virtual Replenishment Programs Nationwide


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This is not how you thought motherhood would be. 

Have you had any of these thoughts lately?

I'm so exhausted. I wish I could rest...
 I feel so alone, I wish I had more support...
I'm a total wreck. My diet is trash. I'm tired of being tired, I feel like a terrible mom and just want to feel like myself again.
I'm here to tell you.... you're not alone. But, I want to tell you something else...


Sit down!

Not what you were expecting? But listen, I say this in the most loving way...sit down! You need your rest. We are here for you..and not just in your first few weeks postpartum, but the FIRST FEW YEARS! Our comprehensive postpartum care:

  • postpartum doula support
  • help around home
  • nanny services
  •  lactation support
  • sleep support
  • online replenishment programs

will help bring you to the restoration that you need to come to optimal postpartum healing! Ready to get the support you need? Book a Connection Call with our founder and get the support that you need! πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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Hey hey.

I'm Kilah, a Postpartum Doula/Vitality Coach and founder of Elephant Baby.

Is this what you were expecting to see for a professional photo? Keep scrolling and you'll see πŸ˜… I want to get real with you for a sec...what better way than to show a raw, unfiltered photo of me totally in my element as a mom. You need help, and I'm here. 


In that season, I remember thinking how amazing it would be to be able to just bond with my kids and rest as I needed. Instead, I found myself going on about life, with all its responsibilities...tired, overwhelmed, depressed and resentful even. 


It was in moments like these that I knew that I needed to dedicate my time in the future to serving new moms. I don't want you feeling the way that I did during my postpartum journeys. So, I founded Elephant Baby!


Did you know that elephant moms and calves are said to have a bond that can't be compared to any other animal. Stick with me...this isn't random.  When the baby enters the world, she's surrounded by momma and a formation of female relatives as a means to protect and celebrate the new babe! The connection remains strong as baby is nursed and provided with knowledge that keeps baby thriving in the wild. The support given strengthen's baby's survival in the wild!


I founded Elephant Baby because I want new moms to be able to have that same kind of support and thrive within their postpartum time!


I'm glad that we could connect and am excited for you to receive the support that you need during such a delicate time! I want to learn your needs so that you can finally get support. Click the link below to book a free connection call with me!

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I wish those 6 weeks [where my babies were being loved on by my amazing postpartum doula, Kilah] could be everyone's postpartum experience.


EVERYONE deserves a Postpartum Doula like Kilah! It's her passion so you can tell she truly cares about you as the mother and supports you

Are you ready?

Ready for total postpartum restoration? Postpartum doesn't have to be miserable. We're here to help you feel supported!


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