Our innovative postpartum care agency helps you feel supported + cared for + empowered 

in your first few YEARS postpartum


*Serving Greater St Louis MO & Metro East IL*

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Postpartum Doula Support


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Help Around Home

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Lactation/Feeding Support


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Meal Services

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Sleep Support 

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Childcare Services

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Online Replenishment  Programs 

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Katelyn Severin

I wish those 6 weeks [where my babies were being loved on by my amazing postpartum doula, Kilah] could be everyone's postpartum experience.

Kim Draine

I absolutely am in love with this company, the ladies that run it and the whole business mindset of changing what postpartum support is!!! We have extended our contract twice because Candice and Kilah are so amazing and have been my support and I look forward to the days when they are here! Life with 5 kids is hectic and they handle our chaos like champs! I recommend them to ALL of my pregnant friends!


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