Working to improve outcomes for families

in their first few years


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 Working to Improve Outcomes for Families

 in their first few years 


Our Mission


The Elephant Baby Foundation is a 501(c)3 that moves to equip families with the education and practical, hands-on care needed to thrive in their first few years postpartum.


We move to radically change postpartum in our society and help create outcomes that lower maternal mortality and morbidity in the postpartum time. 



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Our Beliefs

We believe that postpartum care should be an ongoing process with services and support tailored to each family's individual needs. 
We believe that all families should have easy access to education and support that's necessary for families to thrive during the first few years postpartum. Underserved populations should be prioritized.  
We believe that optimizing postpartum care can help to reduce instances of maternal mortality and morbidity.
We believe in the power of connecting families with community and reviving a "village mindset" to improve postpartum outcomes.
We believe that reclaiming cultural postpartum traditions and implementing holistic methods of healing can help to improve postpartum outcomes.
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Our Work

 We work together with a collective of postpartum doulas, lactation specialists, mental health clinicians, volunteers and other perinatal professionals to provide a very unique and high-level of hands-on care and support to postpartum families! This collective is also committed to providing our community with educational workshops and resources centered around postpartum health.  


Would you love to work as a volunteer for our organization? If it feels aligned, please apply! 


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