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Want to receive transformational care in your first six weeks postpartum?


Ease your concerns of what this transition will be like

Stop worrying of how you will care for yourself and your family

Feel confident in your feeding journey & how to care for your postpartum body


... Experience the radical postpartum care that's needed for your healing & recovery!


Want to receive transformational care in your first six weeks postpartum?

Ease your concerns of what this transition will be like

Stop worrying of how you will care for yourself and your family

Feel confident in your feeding journey


... Experience the radical postpartum care that's needed for your healing & recovery!

Hi, I'm Kilah! Here's what I'd love to share with you...


Don't go into your postpartum time unsupported.


Feel supported, cared for & empowered

We've spent years studying postpartum in other cultures & listening to what moms truly need.


You now have access to transformational postpartum care. 🤍



Services in this package include:

Postpartum Doula Support


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Help Around Home 


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Postpartum Nutritional Healing


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Lactation/Feeding Support


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Want to know why so many moms feel absolute overwhelm & struggle to come to healing in their first few weeks postpartum? 

What most moms experience in their first few weeks postpartum:

➔ Debilitating fatigue due to interruptions in sleep/wake cycle and no opportunity to rest

➔ Poor nutrition and stress of not being able to eat, let alone eat nourishing postpartum meals

➔ Complete overwhelm due to the continued demands that come along with being a mother

➔ Disappointment & guilt for not being the mom they thought they would be

➔ Confusion and overwhelm making choices related to parenthood

➔ Decline in health due to not knowing what's needed to bring hormones to balance after childbirth

Why Elephant Baby clients have more positive outcomes:

➔ Access to a postpartum doula who cares for newborn and other siblings so much needed rest can happen

➔ Access to postpartum doula who can help prep healthy meals and snacks that promote postpartum healing

➔ Access to a postpartum care team that will help lighten the load of cleaning, laundry, errands and grocery shopping

➔ Emotional support, mental health support, validation, a safe space & constant encouragement from their postpartum care team

➔ Non biased educational support to help you feel empowered in the choices you're making for yourself and your family

➔ Guidance on nutrition & other key topics that are needed for optimal postpartum healing that result in better health outcomes

Sounds amazing! I'm ready to get started!

Imagine what it will feel like to:

  •  Get the rest you need for full postpartum recovery
  • Grab nourishing meals that are formulated to help replenish your postpartum body--quickly & easily
  • Wake up to a clean home, laundry done, a stocked fridge and all errands complete
  • Have a team of support that's dedicated to caring for you, preparing you teas for healing, and  helping you de-stress & relax
  • Have full understanding of what's needed for your postpartum body to heal & support along the way!
  • Increased confidence & security in executing your postpartum plan
  • Implement practices that lower the risk of long-term health issues 

What would it be worth to you, to feel like you can show up in a more dynamic way for your family because others showed up to support you? 

Here's what it's meant to others...

Kim Draine

I absolutely am in love with this company, the ladies that run it and the whole business mindset of changing what postpartum support is!!! We have extended our contract twice because Candice and Kilah are so amazing and have been my support and I look forward to the days when they are here! Life with 5 kids is hectic and they handle our chaos like champs! I recommend them to ALL of my pregnant friends!

Anu S. 

I am so grateful for Kilah and her team at Elephant Baby. They provide incredible comprehensive postpartum care - I felt nurtured and supported from my very first interaction with them.

Kilah and Courtney provided amazing in home support - while I bonded with my baby they turned my chaotic home into an organized oasis and helped us get groceries and supplies when we were camped out at home. My baby and I learned so much from our doulas Jasmine and Candice - my son felt comfortable and happy in their care, and I was able to get much needed rest and comforting meals while also learning from them about ways to care for my baby and myself and becoming more confident in my role as a mother. I was also able to get knowledgeable and warm in home lactation support from Candice, so we could troubleshoot breastfeeding issues from the comfort of my room.

We are now 3 months out and things feel a lot smoother than they did in the early days, and I feel so lucky I was able to have this community of wise and empathetic women and fellow moms to help my husband and I get through the first few weeks and months as first time parents.

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At the end of your first 6 weeks postpartum you will:

  • Feel confident in knowing what your body needs to continue healing postpartum
  • Look back and feel satisfied with having a full team of support that helped you recover
  • Be connected with a community of moms who will continue to support & encourage you in the first few years postpartum
  • Happily reflect on the 6-week transformation that allowed you to lean into optimal recovery & experience transformational postpartum care
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Let's take a look at what's included in the unique model of care that we provide for moms immediately postpartum!


🐘Postpartum Doula Support 

Your doula will be there at least once a week! What does radical doula care look like? This often looks like allowing you a chance to reset/rest (i.e. sleep, a bath, shower, an activity you love in peace), providing care for the baby and other children if you have them, meal prep, light household cleaning/organization, caring for & pampering you, and providing you a safe space to talk about all that you're going through!

Our doulas are truly amazing and have so much knowledge in all topics postpartum! After you purchase your package, you'll meet with me so that I can learn all your needs/preferences/top priorities.

In the time we have together, I'll get a really good feel of which doula on our team would be a good fit for you!

🐘 Help Around Home

Once day a week, your in home care specialist will check in with you to provide extensive home cleaning, tackle laundry, shop for and store groceries and run any errands! 

🐘 Lactation Support

Meet with one of our board certified lactation specialist prenatally so that we can get a clear picture of your feeding goals and help you crush them! After baby arrives, you lactation specialist will be there to encourage and support you in executing the plan you put in place and help you work through any challenges you may face!

🐘 Postpartum Nutritional Healing 

This service is truly one of the most impactful! Your postpartum chef will provide you will meals (usually soups and stews as these are the absolute best meals for immediate postpartum healing) that you can quickly grab throughout the week!

These meals are specially formulated to help you replenish nutrients lost during childbirth and breastfeeding (if you choose). We'll learn your dietary restrictions/preferences and you'll get 6 large pots of soup/stew (5-7 servings in each pot) to enjoy every week!

* PLUS *

All of our clients have access to these amazing goodies at no additional cost!

Special Gift 1

Herbal Healing Kit- herbs that you can use to heal your postpartum body through teas, infusions and baths!

Special Gift 2

The Postpartum Wellness Revolution Membership- this online membership hub gives you access to recipes that you can easily print and utilize during your postpartum journey, meditations to help you reset & promote mental wellness, and more!

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Here's what can included in your 0-6 week support package-
"Bring Back The Village"

Customize Your  SUPPORT:

1. Postpartum Doula Support 

2. Help Around Home 

3. Lactation Support 

4.  Postpartum Nutritional Healing 

5. BONUS! Herbal Healing Kit 

6. Postpartum Wellness Revolution Membership





Starting at $35/hr- Payment Plans Available! Customizable Packages Available!

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Are you ready to experience transformational postpartum care? 

We can't wait to walk alongside you in your first 6 weeks postpartum!
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Are you ready to receive transformational postpartum care?

We can't wait to support you in your first 6 weeks postpartum!
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