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Our innovative postpartum care agency helps new moms feel supported, nurtured, and empowered their first two years postpartum!

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You don't have to feel overwhelmed in your postpartum journey. We get it! You're feeling totally alone, completely stressed out, and could use a little help with the kids, cleaning, meals, and let's just say!

What is it about our society?! You have a baby and everyone expects you to "snap back." You know exactly what I'm talking about! You're expected to get back into those pre-pregnancy jeans and be ALLLL the things for ALLL the people as if you JUST DIDN'T HAVE A BABY! All the attention is on that sweet babe...did everyone forget about you?! You feel completely overlooked and disconnected.

Here you are... trying to balance all of life! Your house is a hot mess! There are piles of laundry everywhere! The thought of prepping dinner gives you hives. You can't even THINK about all the errands you have to run and going grocery shopping...'cause well, there's better things you could be doing like uhhh.....sleeping! You've been up all night and tired. At this point, you're wondering if taking the time to eat is worth not taking that quick nap. You're trying so hard to make the best decisions for you and your baby, but second-guess EVERYTHING! This is not how you thought motherhood would be! Bottom need help!
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We're here to tell you...Girl, sit down! You need your rest. We've got you! We believe that every new mom should feel supported and empowered! Let us take care of those household chores. Let us make dinner. Let US take care of you in whatever way you need so that you can focus on rest & caring for your baby! 
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Check it...heres how we can help!

Getting Nurtured!

Picture this...your postpartum doula shows up at your door totally prepared to love on YOU!
  • A massage
  • Herbal tea
  • Healing baths
  • Chillin' with the baby so that you can NAP. Ahhhhh, what you wouldn't give for a good nap right now!
  • While you're napping, they're keeping your kids interruptions please!

    ​ Our doulas are amazing and are trained to help you through:
  • feelings of anxiety that keep you from wanting to never leave your baby!
  • recognition of mood disorders
  • breastfeeding
  • sleep guidance
  • sibling and partner adjustment
  • new momma care
  • EVERYTHING  you're second guessing since becoming a mom!
  •  Those chores that you've been meaning to get around to?! We've got them!                                                                              "Someone around to support ME and help me feel empowered through all of this?!
    That sounds amazing but what's the cost?"

    Here's the best part...we put together a package that fits your needs and your budget! Many of our clients use payment plans! Or View Our Packages Here. 

A Postpartum Doula Is For You If....

  • You're ready to feel more empowered through your postpartum journey!
  • You're exhausted and need rest!
  • You could use more guidance and education to feel more confident in your parenting choices!
  • You want to be loved on and pampered and not feel neglected!
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Getting Support You Really Need!

Have we stressed enough how much you need your rest. Let us help lighten your load!

Yes! We do laundry: 3 Load minimum: washed, dried, folded every week!

Yes! We clean houses: Living/family/dining areas, bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, floors alllll of that! We even do deep cleanings! 


'Cause who wants to be lugging a newborn all over town?! We'll check in with you weekly to run all of your errands!

Yes! We'll grab your groceries and take one step further to put them away so you don't have to! You've got better things to be cuddling with your sweet babe!

Still wondering about pricing? Our services are customized to your needs and budget! And get this...Flex payment options are available to you! You can also view our packages here. 

If you're tired of feeling SO tired and overwhelmed with life....

Get Support!

Getting Nourished!

Figuring out meals can be one of the most stressful things about being a new mom! Don't stress. We've got you!

3-5 lunch meals and/or 3-5  dinner meals prepped for you and your family every week!

Dinner prepped and cooked by your postpartum doula on the day of your visit! Just give us a recipe!

A client fave! Delicious, healing soups and stews formulated to truly nourish YOU. Every week a large pot of nourishing soup will be prepared for you during your visit! No more "forgetting" to eat or grabbing junk food to satisfy your hunger. We understand the importance of eating nutrient-dense foods during the postpartum period. These meals made for you will help promote healing!

"Ok yes! This is what I neeeed! What's the cost?"
We're glad you asked--we'll put together a custom plan that fits your needs AND budget! Or check out our packages here. 

If it's been a while since you've had a healthy meal we've got to change that...

Get Nourished!

Girl, we see you! One of your biggest struggles is food. In between feeding your baby, changing diapers and craving sleep, you can't find time to feed yourself and you're a little clueless about what foods you need to replenish everything you lost during pregnancy and childbirth!

We've got you....

We'll teach you everything you need to know about how to stay fed and nourished in one postpartum coaching session..

I need nutritional guidance!
Get Postpartum Nutritional Guidance!

Katelyn Severin

I wish those 6 weeks [where my babies were being loved on by my amazing doula, Kilah] could be everyone's postpartum experience. 

Dahna Willis

Life changes radically after you have a baby...some days seem almost magical, others are utterly defeating... and having someone who understands, empathizes, and offers support often makes a critical difference in benefit of the mom and baby...sometimes even helps relationships throughout a family.

Shae Hill

EVERYONE deserves a PP Doula like Kilah! It's her passion so you can tell she truly cares about you as the mother and supports you!

Lynn Johansenn 

"This organization will support you above and beyond! Kilah is an amazing advocate and extremely knowledgeable on the needs of a postpartum Mother! Any Mother would be lucky to have Kilah by her side!

I highly recommend Elephant Baby: Full-Service Postpartum Support!"


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