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Why Elephants? 

Imagine this: in the vast landscapes of Africa, when an elephant calf is born, magic happens. The matriarchal society of elephants rallies around, forming a protective circle, called a "calf harem." It's a scene of unity, care, and collective strength. When an elephant calf is born, the entire herd gathers, forming a protective circle around the newborn. We celebrate and nurture the unique bonds between mothers and babies in a similar fashion. Our mission is to create an environment where these connections flourish, providing a foundation for a resilient and supportive community.
Elephant Baby draws inspiration from this incredible phenomenon, envisioning a postpartum community where mothers and providers surround and support each other, just like the wise females of an elephant herd.
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Matriarchal Wisdom in Postpartum Care:



In the heart of Elephant Baby's mission lies the desire to emulate the supportive and interconnected matriarchal society of elephants. Just as elephant herds rally around the matriarch for guidance and protection, our community is a haven where mothers find strength, support, and collective wisdom.


The Elephant's Memory: 

Did you know elephants are renowned for their exceptional memory? We believe in preserving the stories, challenges, and triumphs of mothers in our community. Like the elephant's memory, our collective experiences form a rich tapestry of shared wisdom, creating a lasting legacy for generations to come.




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Hey there!

I'm Kilah- Owner & Founder of Elephant Baby

 I'm on a mission, a passionate pursuit to shake things up and radically change how we do postpartum in our community. Picture this: a postpartum period where mothers aren't navigating the darkness alone, where we embrace the power of community and holistic healing.

My faith ignites my passion. This isn't just a business for me; it's a calling.

As a passionate advocate for holistic health and wellness, my journey through motherhood has been the cornerstone of my calling. From the joy of welcoming my children into the world to the profound experience of navigating a recent miscarriage, every step has equipped me with a unique perspective and an unwavering dedication to helping other mothers reclaim their health.

Motherhood has been my greatest teacher, showing me the beauty of resilience and the power of community. It’s through these experiences that I’ve embraced my anointing to support and uplift mothers like you. I believe in the transformative power of holistic empowerment and am committed to helping you rise stronger through every chapter of postpartum life.

 I've seen the impact of a broken system, where the echoes of postpartum struggles linger for years. It's time to reclaim the village, the support, the traditions that have been sidelined for far too long. Postpartum isn't just about a few weeks after birth; it's about supporting mothers throughout each and every chapter of their motherhood journey: journeys that should be bathed in light, love, and shared wisdom. The Most High God designed us to thrive in communities, to support each other in the that our families did generations before us! It's about bringing back the collective power of sisterhood, of understanding that we are all in this together.

I'm here to reflect the light of my Messiah to the darkness, to change a system that's leaving too many mothers feeling the impact even decades after giving birth. Elephant Baby is about weaving a tapestry of support and empowering mothers in reclaiming their health after giving birth. So, whether you're a mom in need of that extra pair of hands or a passionate soul ready to join the movement, welcome to Elephant Baby. Let's change the narrative, one postpartum journey at a time.

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