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Ready to beat burnout & finally get the consistent support you need? 


 Laundry is piling up & your house is a mess. You could really use an extra set of hands


You're feeling stressed more than ever & completely overwhelmed with all that falls in your lap


✓ You're exhausted and life feels unbearable at times


✓ You're snapping on your kids more than ever & feel guilty every time


You're not a bad mom. You're a mom who is under-supported. We're here to change that!


Ready to beat burnout & finally get the consistent support you need? 


Ease your concerns of what this transition will be like

Stop worrying of how you will care for yourself and your family

Feel confident in your feeding journey


... Experience the radical postpartum care that's needed for your healing & recovery!

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You can't do everything for everyone. 

And that's okay. 


Customize your postpartum care plan & get the support you desperately need!

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Your family is unique & so are your needs!



Choose from the services below to customize your care! 

Help Around Home 

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 Meal Prep & Nutrition Services

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Sleep Guidance

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Want to know why so many moms experience burnout in their first few years postpartum? 

What most moms experience in their first few years postpartum:

➔ Lack of communal support & collectivism

➔ Disappointment due to the uneven responsibility load with partner

➔ Discouragement due to not having help even when asking others

➔ Complete stress & overwhelm from carrying such a heavy responsibility load

➔ Lack of sleep

➔ Decline in health due to no energy to prepare healthy meals

Why Elephant Baby clients have more positive outcomes:

➔ Access to a care team who is committed to providing support in the first few years postpartum

➔ Access to a team that helps along with family adjustment 

➔ Assurance that help will be available when needed

➔ Access to a care team that does all that is needed to alleviate their load

➔ More time spent resting, less time spent cleaning, doing laundry, etc. 

➔ The presence of a team who is available to prep healthy meals and snacks weakly


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Imagine what it will feel like to:

  • Have consistent help around home-- help with cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and running errands
  • Spend more quality time with your family 
  • Feel less stressed & anxious 
  • Show up for the ones you love in a more loving way
  • Have more time to care for yourself and focus on your health
  • Have a team of support to help you increase joy & embrace motherhood

What would it be worth to you, to feel like you can show up in a more dynamic way for your family because others showed up to support you? 

Here's what it's meant to others...

Kim Draine

I absolutely am in love with this company, the ladies that run it and the whole business mindset of changing what postpartum support is!!! We have extended our contract twice because Candice and Kilah are so amazing and have been my support and I look forward to the days when they are here! Life with 5 kids is hectic and they handle our chaos like champs! I recommend them to ALL of my pregnant friends!

Anu S. 

I am so grateful for Kilah and her team at Elephant Baby. They provide incredible comprehensive postpartum care - I felt nurtured and supported from my very first interaction with them.

Kilah and Courtney provided amazing in home support - while I bonded with my baby they turned my chaotic home into an organized oasis and helped us get groceries and supplies when we were camped out at home. My baby and I learned so much from our doulas Jasmine and Candice - my son felt comfortable and happy in their care, and I was able to get much needed rest and comforting meals while also learning from them about ways to care for my baby and myself and becoming more confident in my role as a mother. I was also able to get knowledgeable and warm in home lactation support from Candice, so we could troubleshoot breastfeeding issues from the comfort of my room.

We are now 3 months out and things feel a lot smoother than they did in the early days, and I feel so lucky I was able to have this community of wise and empathetic women and fellow moms to help my husband and I get through the first few weeks and months as first time parents.

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Customize your care according to what you need! 

  • Spend less time with house chores & more time resting
  • Feel supported without feeling guilty
  • Lighten your load and decrease stress & overwhelm
  • Show up for yourself & the ones you love in a loving & meaningful way

"Burnout to Bliss" is Your Custom Postpartum Care Package

 Choose From:

Help Around Home 

Available Now!


 Meal Prep & Nutrition Services

Available Now!

Sleep Guidance

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Burnout to Bliss! 

*for moms who need lengthened support*

With this package you'll build your own support!

1. Customize to you needs!

2. Customize to your budget! 


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Today's Investment


Customize Support To Your Needs & Budget!

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Are you ready to experience transformational postpartum care? 

We are excited to give you the support you need!
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Are you ready to experience transformational postpartum care? 

We are excited to give you the support you need!
👉 Yes! I'm Ready