# 1 - Shifting Your Mindset to Heal

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In this week's episode:


Adversity is a great teacher, and your struggle brings about an opportunity for a beautiful transformation. 

Hey, Healthy Mama! It’s Kilah Lawson- Your Postpartum Vitality Coach- and I’m back for another episode The Healthy Postpartum Mama Podcast! This is a space where I bring to you insights into postpartum wellness using my very own N.U.R.T.U.R.E method: 


N-Nourish Your Body

U-Utilize Help

R-Rest & Reset

T- Tend to Your Soul

U-Unleash Emotion

R-Restore Your Mind

E- Embrace the Journey


This episode covers the pillar of postpartum wellness that encourages you to Restore Your Mind. 


In this episode of The Healthy Postpartum Mama Podcast, I bring to light the real reason that so many mothers struggle to make sustainable changes that contribute to a healthy life.  I lay out what it takes to confront adversity in your postpartum journey and share insights on how to use your struggles to propel you in your healing journey. 

About the show

The Healthy Postpartum Mama Podcast is a space for us to chat about what it takes to recover your health holistically!

If you're a new mom who's planning for postpartum or a seasoned my a few years into your journey, join me every week. Let's learn and heal together 🖤


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