# 10 - God, Why Won't You Heal My Depression: A Journey To Healing & Spiritual Revelation

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In this week's episode:


  • Kilah Lawson, host of the Eternal Post-Partum Podcast, shares a deeply personal excerpt from her journal, revealing the struggles and guilt she faces as a mother of five children.
  • She delves into the emotional toll of parenting alone and the overwhelming sadness she experiences.

Facing Challenges:

  • Kilah discusses her difficulty in connecting with motherhood and feeling inadequate compared to other moms.
  • She reflects on her frustration with herself for frequently fussing at her children and feeling disappointed in her parenting behavior.
  • The constant noise, mess, and demands of motherhood leave Kilah feeling overwhelmed and emotionally drained.

Finding Hope Through Faith:

  • Kilah recounts her plea to God for relief from depression, anxiety, and stress, feeling bewildered by God's apparent lack of intervention.
  • She shares her eight-year battle with mental illness and her journey toward healing, emphasizing the importance of faith and obedience in her recovery.

Exploring Healing Methods:

  • Kilah details her reluctance to pursue medication for her mental health struggles and her decision to research alternative healing methods.
  • She highlights the negative impact of pharmaceutical drugs on many women's mental health and her determination to find a natural solution.

Embracing Change:

  • Kilah describes her gradual journey toward reclaiming her health through small, sustainable lifestyle changes.
  • She emphasizes the power of community support and accountability in achieving long-term wellness goals.

Spiritual Awakening:

  • Kilah shares her realization of the spiritual dimension of her mental health struggles and the influence of demonic strongholds on her life.
  • She recounts her experience of deliverance and the profound impact of prayer and spiritual warfare on her journey to healing.

Assessing Spiritual State: 

  • Kilah encourages listeners to recognize the spiritual aspect of mental health struggles and to embrace their authority as believers in overcoming spiritual strongholds.
  • She expresses gratitude for her journey and the newfound understanding of the connection between faith, health, and healing.

Practical Steps Towards Healing:

  • Invites listeners to join a community focused on reclaiming health and wellness, offering resources, support, and practical guidance.
  • Provides an opportunity for listeners to reflect on their journey and take steps towards holistic healing, both spiritually and physically.




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