# 7 -Unveiling Truth: Reclaiming Spiritual Health

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In this week's episode:


In this powerful episode, Kilah Lawson delves into the complexities of spiritual health during the postpartum journey. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Questioning Beliefs: Kilah encourages listeners to question their beliefs, emphasizing the importance of personal exploration and understanding.
  • Biblical Insights: Drawing from Mark 7:6, Kilah explores the warning our Messiah gave about doctrines of men, urging a deeper understanding of scriptures.
  • Impact of Translations: Kilah highlights the influence of faulty translations on Christian doctrines, emphasizing the need to discern between divine wisdom and human interpretations.
  • Pharisees and Traditions: Analyzing Mark 7:6-8, Kilah reveals the context of the Messiah's warnings to the Pharisees about prioritizing traditions of men over God's commandments.
  • Historical Perspectives: Kilah hints at future episodes delving into how historical events, like the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities, shaped modern Christianity.
  • Discarding Labels: Kilah passionately shares her journey of breaking free from the label of Christianity, urging a focus on imitating Messiah's teachings rather than conforming to doctrinal norms.
  • Reclaiming Spiritual Health: The episode concludes with a powerful call to action. Kilah challenges listeners to reclaim their spiritual health, emphasizing the need for community, accountability, and the pursuit of the Eternal Postpartum movement.

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