# 6 - Podcast Reintroduction: Evolving Into Eternal Postpartum

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In this heartfelt and unscripted episode of "The Healthy Postpartum Mama Podcast," Kilah Lawson shares a transformative journey that has led to significant changes in her life and the evolution of the podcast. Titled "Evolving into Eternal Postpartum," Kilah introduces the groundbreaking "Eternal Postpartum" movement, challenging conventional views on postpartum and advocating for ongoing support through all chapters of motherhood.

Kilah discusses the need to validate mothers' struggles, emphasizing that postpartum is not confined to the initial weeks or months but extends through various stages. She unveils a holistic wellness approach, incorporating physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects, and highlights the importance of empowering individuals with information for lifelong wellness.

The episode delves into Kilah's personal spiritual journey, exploring the connection between spiritual wellbeing and physical health. The shift from "Healthy Postpartum Mama" to "Healthy Kingdom Mamas" is explained, with a warm invitation for all listeners to join the Eternal Postpartum movement—whether mothers seeking support, passionate individuals, or providers interested in a radical change.

Excitement fills the air as Kilah looks forward to future episodes that will explore different aspects of health, including spirituality. Listeners are encouraged to stay subscribed for this transformative journey and can join the movement through the provided link in the show notes.

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The Eternal Postpartum Podcast reclaiming collectivism and wellness through the infinite chapters of postpartum

If you're a mother or provider who wants to be involved in this radical societal shift, be sure to listen in!  Let's create the change that we desperately need so that mothers can rise in resilience and strength after childbirth.  🖤


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