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Where Your Care Takes Center Stage: Elevating Postpartum Support to New Heights.

 Feel Supported +  Cared For

through the 

infinite chapters of postpartum

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 Feel Supported + Cared For

 through the

infinite chapters of postpartum

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95% of moms think that new mothers are not sufficiently supported by our society. 😩😩 


Who are we really kidding...

A 6-WEEK CHECK UP isn't enough!

This is what we call postpartum "care" here in the US. 


You deserve to be surrounded by warmth, love and support in your postpartum journey!

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No matter where you are in your motherhood journey (pregnant & planning, newly postpartum, a few years in)


You deserve to be fully supported.


We don't want to see you:

 completely exhausted, sleep deprived and craving much needed sleep
 feeling lonely and wishing you had more support
grabbing handfuls of cereal because you're too tired to prepare healthy meals
burned out & wishing you could you could show up for the ones you love in a more dynamic way

Our innovative postpartum care agency has set out to radically change postpartum in our society!  

Feel supported + cared for + empowered 

throughout the infinite chapters of your postpartum journey!

*Serving Greater St Louis MO & Metro East IL*


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Here's how we can support you..

Postpartum Doula Support


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Help Around Home

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Lactation/Feeding Support


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Meal Services

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Sleep Support 

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Childcare Services


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Online Resources & Programs 

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What makes us different?


At Elephant Baby, our commitment to the Eternal Postpartum Movement is built on three foundational pillars, each designed to bring us back to Yahweh's original design for women and motherhood. Here's how these pillars make a crucial difference in your postpartum journey:


Holistic Support: We believe in nurturing every aspect of your health- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We support you in being in the driver's seat of your health so that you can create habits of lifelong wellness, empowering you to be the mother that you were created to be. 
Collectivism: Our providers bring over 45 years of combined experience, ensuring that you receive the best support, customized to your unique journey. From advice to heartfelt encouragement, your postpartum tribe is right here, ready to walk with you so that you never feel alone in your motherhood journey!
Culture ShiftWe are dedicated to shifting cultural perceptions and practices around postpartum care. By returning to Yahweh’s intent for nurturing, compassionate, and community-driven support, we aim to create an environment where motherhood is celebrated and supported in its entirety.

Your radical postpartum care starts now!

Choose your journey

Select the support that you need!



Martha Renken

Elephant Baby is hands down the best baby gift I received! Support means so much more than gear and gadgets. Kilah jumped right in with housework, grocery shopping, and meal prep. She made me feel comfortable and at ease with someone else taking on the chores. It felt like having a friend come over, and I benefited from our conversation in addition to the support. I did not end up needing to reach out for lactation support, but knowing that I could get in touch with Elephant Baby if I needed support in this area was also reassuring. Overall a great resource.

Natasha Jenkins

Highly recommend Elephant Baby they will be my first call if I ever have another child. I also recommend them to others consistently please do not hesistste to book their services Kilah is awesome! She is very knowledgeable and attentive to your needs especially as a new or ( reoccuring) mom!

Are you ready?

Ready for total postpartum restoration? Postpartum doesn't have to be miserable. We're here to help you feel supported!

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