# 0 - Why Women Struggle After Birth

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Depression, depletion, hair loss, anxiety, burnout and exhaustion…this is what postpartum looks like for so many women. The struggle not only happens immediately postpartum, but many women struggle with their health months and even years beyond childbirth.  Why are so many women struggling in their health after giving birth? And why aren't we talking about?! Join me in this teaser episode of The Healthy Postpartum Mama as I share what I believe to be the reasons that so many of us struggle within our first few years postpartum. 


 In this episode, we’ll cover how other cultures address the postpartum time, common themes for postpartum healing, and I’ll share with you the 7 pillars of postpartum wellness that are necessary for reclaiming your health.  

About the show

The Healthy Postpartum Mama Podcast is a space for us to chat about what it takes to recover your health holistically!

If you're a new mom who's planning for postpartum or a seasoned my a few years into your journey, join me every week. Let's learn and heal together 🖤


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