Are you looking to support new moms beyond the fourth trimester?

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The Ultimate Enhancement Training for Postpartum Birthworkers!
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Do you want to be a part of changing the way society views postpartum?


Do you believe that many new mothers need support beyond the fourth trimester?


Do you desire to support moms within their first two years postpartum and enhance your postpartum training?

Whether you’re a new or seasoned birthworker or simply have an interest to support new moms, I am here to guide you through next-level postpartum training.

I teach new moms how to overcome physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion holistically so that they can show up and be the best mom that they can be in their postpartum journeys.

I'm ready to teach you to do the same so that you can feel confident  in supporting your clients more effectively through their postpartum journeys and be recognized as a standout holistic, postpartum expert in your community. 


Our focus-- Overcoming Postpartum Exhaustion through:

Restorative Practices

Mindfulness and Connectedness

Rebuilding Nutrition

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Hey, I'm Kilah!

I'm a mom of 5 and founder of Elephant Baby! A couple of years ago, I found myself feeling completely alone in my postpartum journey. My husband was finishing up fire academy (literally studying for state tests while I was in labor!) and I was overwhelmed, exhausted and depressed. 

I was a new mom suffering from sleep deprivation, mental overload, and grabbing handfuls of cereal every couple of hours just to say that I had eaten. I was lost and vulnerable, and I knew that I never wanted any new mom to feel the way that I did.

My passion and purpose is to support new moms within their first two years postpartum! I center my care around postpartum nutrition and implement practices that help new moms to prevent and overcome physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion that often comes within those first two years after having a baby!

I want to teach to you the things that I have learned so that we can help to create a society where new moms truly feel supported, nurtured, and empowered within those first two years!

Have you noticed that new moms seem more depressed than ever, more anxious and lonely and are just really struggling all around?!

If you're anything like me, you see a pressing need for postpartum moms to be cared for fully, and I'm going to teach you how to do just that! I want you to be the first to know when registration for training opens, so make sure you're getting notified!

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Are you a new mom who needs a little (or a lot of) support?


We get it! You're exhausted; you're lonely; your diet is trash and you feel extremely disconnected with yourself and your loved ones! You want things to change so that you can show up to be the best mom that you can be in your postpartum journey!
We help moms feel supported within their first two years postpartum! Check out our packages and learn how we can support you!
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