Postpartum doesn't have to be miserable. Heal your body and show up to be the mom you want to be.

Transformative Postpartum Healing: A 90 Day Replenishment Program










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For pregnant moms
For postpartum moms 
For moms who are struggling years after having a baby

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This 90-day program will help you rebuild nutrition-. You will come to restoration using our postpartum nutritional healing plan--no more guesswork, know exactly what items you should have in your pantry and get access to recipes that will help optimize your healing! You will also learn to recover sleep and combat common postpartum issues.

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Hey hey!  I'm Kilah--a postpartum Vitality Coach, Doula and Founder of Elephant Baby where we help Moms within their first two years postpartum feel supported, nurtured and empowered!

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