# 2 - Overcoming Postnatal Depletion: Part 1

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In this week's episode:


Postnatal Depletion..are you familiar with this term? In our conventional healthcare model, depletion is not something that is often talked about, yet a huge percentage of mothers experience symptoms of this syndrome: including physical symptoms like "baby brain" and hair loss as well as emotional symptoms associated with depression and anxiety! Why don't we hear more about this?!

Join me in this episode as I dive into postnatal depletion, its symptoms and steps to take to overcome!  


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The Healthy Postpartum Mama Podcast is a space for us to chat about what it takes to recover your health holistically!

If you're a new mom who's planning for postpartum or a seasoned my a few years into your journey, join me every week. Let's learn and heal together 🖤


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