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Let's get real for a sec! We've noticed something and want to know if you've noticed too! Women have a baby, we have a check up at 6 weeks...and that's the end of our postpartum time. Like whaaaat?! In other cultures, new moms go live with family members so they don't have to do squat but rest and care for the baby! Some cultures have family members live with new moms so that they can be cared for, fed well, and loved on...I mean REALLY loved on! Many cultures acknowledge the first 6 weeks of the postpartum period with high regard and importance! Why does our society not understand the importance of the postpartum time?!

More and more of us are left feeling overwhelmed...wishing we just had some support...wishing that people really understood what it looks like to transition into motherhood, and something as simple as not worrying about meals would lift a burden! It's so easy to get wrapped up into all of baby's needs, we eventually start neglecting our own.

​Now, let's get really real...

Have you noticed the prevalence of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders? Moms are experiencing depression, anxiety, etc like never before! And can we talk about maternal mortality for a sec? Over 50% of maternal deaths happen during the postpartum period. Like, what?! Lack of care and neglect are huge contributors. Trust us, it's all connected!

Guys, this has got to CHANGE! New mommas like you need support! We need someone bringing us meals, giving massages, and loving on us! We need an extra set of hands to clean, prep meals, and do laundry! We need to be repleted of nutrients that we lost while having a baby! As much as we pride ourselves in individualism, we need the collective support of community during this extremely delicate time!

We are changing the narrative around the postpartum period. Our innovative postpartum care agency helps new moms feel supported, nurtured, and empowered during their first two years postpartum.
We are here for YOU! If you need a little support, just say so!

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 Our Founder...a Word!

Hey, new momma!  I bet this isn't what you expected for a professional photo. Is it?! I wanted to take a moment to be real with you and to share with you this raw, unfiltered photo.


This is me in my element as a stay-at-home mom. I was tired.  My hair was a mess. My daughter clutched on to me as I finished up nursing her little brother.


In that season, I remember thinking how amazing it would be to be able to just bond with my kids and rest as I needed. Instead, I found myself going on about life, with all its responsibilities...tired, overwhelmed, depressed and resentful even. 


It was in moments like these that I knew that I needed to dedicate my time in the future to serving new moms. I don't want you feeling the way that I did during my postpartum journeys. 


Did you know that elephant moms and calves are said to have a bond that can't be compared to any other animal. Stick with me...this isn't random.  When the baby enters the world, she's surrounded by momma and a formation of female relatives as a means to protect and celebrate the new babe! The connection remains strong as baby is nursed and provided with knowledge that keeps baby thriving in the wild. The support given strengthen's baby's survival in the wild!


I founded Elephant Baby because I want new moms to be able to have that same kind of support and thrive within their postpartum time!


I'm glad that we could connect and am excited for you to receive the support that you need during such a delicate time! Let's make a plan together to ensure you are supported!

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Our innovative postpartum care agency helps new moms feel supported, nurtured, and empowered during their first two years postpartum!

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