What If There Was a Way for You to:

βœ“ Receive practical steps that outline exactly what you need to do to thrive in your postpartum journey

βœ“ Feel confident in knowing what your health recovery should look like

βœ“ & Take charge of your health after childbirth

... WITHOUT feeling completely overwhelmed with information?

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What If There Was a Way for You to:

βœ“  Receive practical steps that will help you truly find joy, support and wellness in your postpartum journey.

βœ“ Get Over Those Mood Swings
βœ“ & Take Charge of Your Life...
... WITHOUT Falling for The Same Old Ways That Bring NO RESULTS?
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Introducing The Postpartum Wellness Revolution

 for moms who are looking to learn what's needed for deep, restorative healing after childbirth

Would you like to:


βž” Feel confident in knowing the changes of your postpartum body and how to support those changes? 

βž” Get more familiar with foods you should be eating to support your healing process?



βž” Understand what changes you should implement to help balance your hormones?

βž” Have all the resources you need to recover your health after childbirth right at your fingertips? 

If you answered YES, then I'm really glad you're here. You see I've I decided to create this offer because I have spent the last 7 years battling depression, feeling lonely, stressed and overwhelmed and feel that no mother should go through what I went through.


I see so many moms struggling through the same issues that I have—hair loss, depression, hormone issues, lack of support, loneliness, etc.


Our society is NOT teaching mothers how to thrive after childbirth!

The Postpartum Wellness Revolution gives me the opportunity to share everything that I know about healing your body postpartum--the goal is to  lower the risk of common postpartum issues that so many moms are experiencing after childbirth. 


I also feel that it is very important for mothers to feel uplifted, supported and empowered no matter where they are in their postpartum journey.
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There's so much info out there when it comes to motherhood, but not a ton regarding postpartum healing. 


And with the info that's out there, it can feel overwhelming to sort through. 

It actually doesn't need to be so overwhelming- simply by following the right strategy and step by step by guidance you'll get every step of the way, you'll see results! This program is unlike anything you've tried before. These lessons will teach you exactly what you need to deeply heal postpartum using Kilah Lawson’s very own N.U.R.T.U.R.E. Method. We’ll cover:

Nourishing your postpartum body

It’s so important that we talk about the fact that pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding all strip the postpartum body from nutrients needed to come to optimal healing. Nourishing Your Body will help bring your body to the balance needed to experience your Postpartum Wellness Revolution. Throughout the membership, we'll take a deep look into postpartum nutrition, physical recovery, herbal remedies and more!

Utilizing help

Your friends and family have their own lives with obligations, you don’t want to feel like a burden by asking them for help. You fear you’ll be judged for needing help. You’ve asked before and no one showed up. You don’t trust people and have difficulty setting boundaries. So, how can you utilize help during your postpartum journey…practically?! Throughout the course of this membership, we'll explore topics like: setting boundaries, navigating difficult conversations, what help looks like when you're alone, and more!

Resting & Resetting

I get it...you are constantly on the go! Having a baby didn’t stop that. You never truly get the chance to rest and reset..in fact, you have a really hard time even grasping that concept! Most of us spend our waking hours feeling extremely stressed and overwhelmed. During The Postpartum Wellness Revolution, I will help you implement practices into your daily routine that help you to release tension and bring your body and mind back to balance so that you experience optimal postpartum healing!

 Tending to your soul

Communicate, Connect, Create! Your soul should not be neglected in your postpartum journey. The Postpartum Wellness Revolution will help you discover ways to be attentive to your soul and bring joy into your motherhood journey!

Unleashing Emotion

Unleashing Emotion is about standing in the truth of your postpartum experience. Maybe you had a traumatic pregnancy/birth and that has trickled into your time postpartum. Maybe your postpartum journey hasn’t been the way that you wanted it to be. The Postpartum Wellness Revolution gives tools and resources that can help you come to emotional healing in your postpartum time!

Restoring your mind,

Changing your mind will help you change your life! The Postpartum Wellness Revolution includes tools to help you shift your mindset to one that helps you to show up to be the mom that you want to be in your postpartum journey! Your resources include monthly postpartum wellness coaching from me and ongoing support from our postpartum wellness team.

Embracing your journey

Maybe motherhood is not what you thought it would be. The Postpartum Wellness Revolution will help bring true joy back into your life so that you can fully embrace this journey! Your revolution features bonuses that help you implement restorative practices into your daily routine + a supportive community where you can share your greatest challenges, celebrate wins and share support.

This is incredible! I'd love to receive a FREE 30-day trial!

About Your Host

For years, I have been living in my purpose of restoring transformational care in our communities! I started my work as a postpartum doula. While working with new moms, I noticed a few things: more and more moms are experiencing postpartum depression/anxiety. More and more moms are facing complete exhaustion and postnatal depletion. I have also noticed that the struggle often lasts for YEARS after childbirth. For years now, I have studied holistic postpartum healing and helped new moms implement practical methods of healing that help combat/prevent postpartum mood/anxiety disorders, hormonal imbalance, postnatal depletion and other common postpartum issues! I am so excited to launch The Postpartum Wellness Revolution as an easy and accessible resource that helps postpartum mothers come to deep healing and thrive....even if they are a few years into their journey!


Are you a mom who is looking to come to maximum healing postpartum so that you can show up as a healthy postpartum mama?

This membership is great for you if you've been experiencing any of these symptoms postpartum:

  • Not 100% confident of what nutritional changes that you need to make to support your changing postpartum body. 
  • Are unaware of "postnatal depletion" and how to avoid it
  • Unsure of the restorative practices that should be implemented to help with energy repletion and hormone balance
  • Looking to access a recipe gallery full of recipes that support your healing
  • Aren't confident in how to create a system of support
  • Want to feel confident in the steps you should take to thrive postpartum!
This sounds like me! I want to access the 30-day trial!

Imagine what it will feel like as:

    • Increase your confidence in knowing what's needed to  deeply nourish your postpartum body
    • You understand what is needed to optimize sleep in a season where sleep is constantly interrupted!
    • You fully embrace your transition into postpartum
    • Your healthy habits now bring about joy and happiness in your motherhood journey!

What would it be worth to you, to feel like your old healthy self before postpartum?

Here's what it's meant to others...


"Kilah has helped me to learn how to ask for help and receive it without feeling guilty and normalized all the feelings that I've felt ashamed of discussing"


"Kilah shows up authentically and has those hard conversations to expose the truth of what motherhood looks like. I admire this so much about her."


"I have learned so much about postpartum nutrition, support and showing up for myself." 


"Kilah has helped reinforce how much nutrition can play a role in physical and mental health"

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By the end of The Postpartum Wellness Revolution you'll be:

  •  knowledgeable about the best nutrition for you postpartum
  • abreast of restorative practices and all that is needed that help you to come to optimal healing postpartum healing!
  •  supported—deeply heal and come to optimal postpartum healing and combat common postpartum issues using my very own N.U.R.T.U.R.E. Method.
  • Plus, the power of community will help you to feel
    supported and motivated in your postpartum wellness revolution.

Everyone’s revolution will be different. Even small changes implemented into your daily routine will help to create a big wellness impact!

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Let's take a look at what's inside


You do not have to guess and wonder what you need in order to come to deep healing postpartum. You will be provided with all the tools and resources that you need to help combat common postpartum issues and deeply replenish postpartum…even if you are a few years into your journey.


You don’t have to stress and wonder about what to eat postpartum to come to optimal healing. The nourishing postpartum recipes that are given are specially formulated to help you recover any nutrients lost during pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding. Recipes will be categorized according to where you are in your postpartum journey.

Meditation & Affirmations

These will help you combat the stress that you experience daily as a mother and increase joy so that you can show up to be the mom that you want to be in your motherhood journey.

Monthly Coaching calls

You will receive the guidance that you need to navigate all things postpartum— we’ll talk about all the things that are not talked about! —relationships, setting boundaries, sex, support, sleep, depletion, mental health, etc. You’ll be provided with worksheets in which you can use to reflect on key takeaways from the call!


These include “how to” videos; detailed information on herbs that can support you in your healing journey, grocery shopping lists, meal plans, special guest speakers and more!.

Supportive Community

You’ll have 24/7 access to a community that is there to uplift, encourage, support and empower you in your postpartum wellness revolution!

Monthly Q &A’s

You’ll have the opportunity to ask any burning questions and receive support from me and other experts of holistic postpartum health!


Access the FREE 30-Day Membership Trial!

I've Still Got Questions

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Are you ready to be transformed?

It's important for you to experience this transformation in order for them to fully embrace life and motherhood. It’s hard to care for others if we do not care for ourselves. This transformation will allow you to gain control of your health and show up for yourself and the ones you love in a meaningful way. The Postpartum Wellness Revolution will revive happiness within and that happiness will permeate to those you love most.

I'll see you on the inside!

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Are you ready to be transformed?

It's important for you to experience this transformation in order for you to fully embrace life and motherhood. It’s hard to care for others if we do not care for ourselves. This transformation will allow you to gain control of your health and show up for yourself and the ones you love in a meaningful way. The Postpartum Wellness Revolution will revive happiness within and that happiness will permeate to those you love most.

I'll see you on the inside!

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